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Technical Advice

This utility is designed to convert the contacts Outlook Express Mac to the vCard 3.0 format used by the MacOSX Address Book application.

vCards are like electronic business cards, and provide a common data file format so that contact information is more portable between application. vCards may be easily imported into the OSX Address Book application. In addition to Address Book, Palm Desktop v4.1 (Mac) imports and exports vCards.


  • MacOSX 10.2 and up (may work on older OS, not tested)
  • Filemaker Pro v5 and up
    (Cheat: you can download a free 30-day trial from www.filemaker.com)

I was disappointed by the shareware offerings available to perform this task since they discarded some fields and were locked, preventing me from improving their shortcomings. Most also wanted $10. Bah!

This application ports all fields to Address Book, and for fields which have no equivalent, the data is added to the Notes field (NOT discarded). This application is an open source Applescript compiled application and can be modified if what I have done is not suitable for your task.

See the enclosed Readme for complete instructions.

Download v1.01, 68K

Corporate users are asked to contribute $25, or whatever value you find, to encourage further development of utilities like this. Thanks.