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Apple Certified Macintosh Experts
Serving East Tennessee since 1994

Who We Are

For over 20 years HappyMac has provided support for Macintosh and other IT needs to businesses in the greater Knoxville area.

Christopher Gray


Christopher has been providing Macintosh systems support since 1994. A Mac user since 1985, he has extensive experience in OSX, server administration, networking and VOIP phone systems. His certifications include Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist.

HappyMac originated when professionals needing Macintosh support sought him out and has grown over the years into a corporation serving the needs of dozens of businesses small and large alike. 

As a web application developer, he has developed code responsible for inventory accounting and rebate check fulfillment worth millions of dollars annually. As an interface designer, he has worked on large development teams at Oak Ridge National Labs, Philips Consumer Electronics, IdleAire and many others.


Mark Neville

Mark Neville

Mark came to Knoxville, TN in early 2010 from Madison, Wisconsin and embraced the southern charm that Knoxville offers. He earned his Bachelor's degree from Southern Illinois University in Creative Writing and it was the English department's computer lab where Mark dove into his first IT technician job.

Mark has nearly ten years of IT experience with private companies, higher education, and privately-owned charter schools. He is an early adopter of Mac computers and he still remembers his first computer, the Apple II GS. He strives to fully understand client needs and brings a strong work ethic to meet to those needs head on. His certifications include Apple Certified Support Professional X.9, X.10, X.11 and Apple Certified Technical Coordinator X.9, X.10.


Alex Budzynski

Alex Budzynski

Alex is a transplant to the Knoxville area having moved from Connecticut in 2013. An avid hiker and lover of the outdoors, he's delighted to call East Tennessee his home. He, his wife and their one year old daughter are loving putting their roots down in Knoxville.

A lifelong subscriber to the Apple culture of creativity and innovation, Alex was an early enthusiast of the Mac Computer. He's enjoyed being an Apple Certified Macintosh technician for nearly a decade and has worked for Apple as a Genius.

Alex is fortunate in having an abundance of professional experience that has made him highly attuned to clients' needs. He strives always to exceed expectations and loves this field of work. His certifications include Apple Certified Macintosh Technician, Apple Certified Support Professional X.11 and Apple Certified Technical Coordinator X.10.


Paul Mozingo

Paul’s wide-ranging career has included just about every discipline in enterprise-level software development, including graphic arts, business analysis, UI design, programming, technical architecture and project management. He has worked in Fortune 100 consulting services, internal corporate product management and small-scale interactive development. A man for any project, he has built enterprise portals for national banks as well as small e-commerce sites for specialty retailers. This breadth of experience allows him to talk shop with people about their visions and still work through all the details involved in making them a reality.