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Our Services

HappyMac is a regional leader in providing IT and workflow automation solutions, solving our clients' unique business needs through expert support and custom software. Our success is based on providing outstanding quality and responsive customer service. Our relationship with clients is one of technology partner and advocate, as part of a holistic IT solutions engagement. We are more like consulting engineers, and are not sales people.

What makes us different

No commitment. We work on an hourly, as-needed basis. We do not need to build dependencies in order to stay busy.

Flat hourly rate. No emergency fees. Our clients come to value our advice to reduce the risk of downtime with risk planning. We prefer proactive steps so that downtime is planned, not endured as a 3-ring circus of fire with staff unable to perform their jobs due to unexpected loss of critical services. This could mean automated service monitoring. This could mean artful spec of equipment to duplicate critical hardware. In rare circumstances this could mean pre-deploying spare equipment to high value bottlenecks.

Triaged response time. Emergencies happen. When mission critical systems fail, we perform triage on our current tasks, then circle the wagons to do whatever needs to be done immediately, come one or come all. This means sometimes we defer non-critical and proactive tasks, but all of our clients understand they will receive the same urgent emergency response. No one wants to work overnights and weekends, just as you do not want unplanned downtime and loss of productivity, but we do what must be done for our clients.

Knowledgeable Professionals. Anyone who claims to know everything about computers is lying. While we have many years of experience to rely upon, the nature of IT is rapid change, and new bugs are being invented just as fast. If we do not know the answer we will tell you, and not make up some technobabble bamboozle. We know how IT systems work and apply this knowledge and our years of experience to solve the new and novel issues you face.

We Embrace Technology. All of our recommendations are based on cost benefit, and not on flavor-of-the-month. We do not advocate technology for the sake of technology. One size, or one solution, may not fit all. We advocate systems that accomplish your current and anticipated needs, and that are easy to maintain, in order to leverage our value via simplification and reliability. Our job is to provide you with options and the information for you to make an informed decision for your business.

We are in this for the long haul. Our business has grown as our client's businesses have grown: your success => our success. This is why we put our client's needs above all else, because our loyalty and commitment becomes the reason why our clients become our devoted fans.

We know Macintosh

HappyMac is the only Knoxville-area Apple certified consultant network provider. We are consulting systems administrators who provide expert solutions and support.

Since 1994 HappyMac has provided support for Apple™ Macintosh, phone systems, servers, routers, iPad, iPhone and the whole gamut of IT solutions for business. We are based Knoxville, TN and serve clients from Chattanooga to Johnson City and Asheville. We are a leader in providing IT and workflow automation solutions, solving our clients' unique business needs through expert support and custom software. Our success is based on a "make it happen" attitude and by providing outstanding quality and responsive customer service.

Not only do we know Systems Support, but we also know Security & Infrastructure, Phone SystemsTraining,  Custom Application Development and pretty much anything that touches upon the technical needs of business by providing Advanced Services.

We manage your systems so you can manage your business

Your business relies on your computer and communications systems to operate. Nothing can bring your business to a standstill like technology problems. It's as essential as electric power. That’s where we come in. We understand the frustration and desperation technology problems bring; after all, you’re not in business to fix your tools, and every minute something doesn’t work means lost productivity. We specialize in solving technology problems and designing systems to be reliable.

The Macintosh is a different breed of computer, quite different from other platforms. Beware of dabblers who "have used a Mac". As Apple-certified consultants, we know the strengths and quirks of the platform, so we can help you maximize your productivity and avoid potential pitfalls. We take personal responsibility to keep your computer systems up and running. Our ultimate goal is to work with you to prevent problems from occurring, but when systems do go down, we’ll be there with speedy response time and as quick a resolution as possible. After all, that’s what we do… we make problems go away.

Holistic IT Support

We offer a complete range of services and support for products to increase your productivity while reducing support costs.

  • Systems Support for Apple Macintosh workstations and servers: offering the bulletproof reliability of certified UNIX with best-of-class user interface and software applications
  • Support for Apple iPhone and iPad: making your workers portable 
  • Phone Systems: offering turnkey reliability with the power to run from one phone to an entire call center
  • Security & Infrastructure : routers, wireless, switches and the infrastructure to operate
  • Custom Application Development : to automate your complex workflow automation needs
  • Training so your staff can make the most of your technology investmest

We are consulting engineers, not sales staff

When your IT consultant recommends some product or vendor, do you know to what extent a spiff, rebate, markup or surcharge has been paid to affect their recommendation?

It's easy money: data recovery companies, hardware manufacturers and others offer referral bounties. It's often recurring: internet service providers pay an on-going bounty of up to 20% of the monthly bill. This is commonly not disclosed to you, the customer.

When your IT consultant recommends hardware, do you know to what extent their reseller quotas, sales levels, or current inventory have affected their recommendation?

Companies which stock parts are expected to sell them. They get quantity discounts and pricing tiers by making channel sales goals. inventory can become stale. I've seen first hand what happens when equipment has sat too long on a shelf only to finally be pawned off to a customer who paid both for outdated, mismatched hardware, and for bad advice.

Selling equipment and services creates an inherent conflict of interest.

At HappyMac, we are consulting engineers, NOT sales staff. We put your interests first. We charge solely for our time. With Amazon next-day and risk planning, maintaining inventory is not necessary to reduce downtime. We are not beholden to vendors or distributors.

We are resellers for Meraki networking equipment and Digium Switchvox phone systems, because these are best-of-breed solutions with restricted dealer channels, and it is the only way our clients can have access to these solutions. To avoid conflict of interest, we don't keep inventory and mark up 10% above our cost to carry the paper, so our clients get the best pricing offered anywhere. As technology evolves, we can too.

We fully disclose issues and options

Some computer consultants screen the information they pass on to their clients. Have you ever seen suit-wearing consultants call a huddle to decide on how to spin a problem to a client? Not so with us. You get the full, unabashed, honest truth about whatever issues confront you. We don’t mind if you look over our shoulder or ask us to teach you how to do what we’re doing.

We pride ourselves on continually earning the trust of our clients. We protect confidential information as if it were our own. We provide you with all configuration information and passwords we set or collect, because this knowledge is your asset.

We Keep It Simple

Technology is complicated enough, so we like to keep our business relationships very simple. HappyMac charges at a flat hourly rate for time actually performed working for you, as-needed and with no commitment.

Many of our competitors are managed service providers (MSPs) who charge a flat rate per workstation or per issue per month, boasting this contains costs. If you don't have any problems, they pocket the money. When you exceed the limits, they stop work or charge you more. The MSP model is about steady income for the managed service provider and not about the cost-benefit to your company.

The MSP model also creates a situation where the managed service provider actually makes more money by taking on more clients than they can possibly support, pocketing the flat rate, and then doling out their time to the squeakiest wheel. Even with the best intentions, we have seen first hand what happens when regular maintenance tasks, like server backups, have been ignored for months by MSPs that are too busy collecting rent instead of protecting your data and ensuring the resiliency of your mission critical systems.

Because we charge a flat hourly rate, you pay only for the service you need. To contain costs, we provide options and estimates and keep you informed every step of the way.

We help integrate your systems

No computer is an island and we realize the importance of all of your computer assets working together. Our experience with Macintosh and Windows integration can simplify your workflow.

If your IT department knows everything Windows, but needs a hand with Macintosh, we’re happy to fill in the gaps and optionally teach your staff everything we know. if you are Mac-based we can supplement your internal resources to provide support to your users.

A Proven Track Record

For over 24 years we have provided enterprise-grade support to businesses of all sizes. We take the time to learn and care about the long term needs of your business, as our growth has been driven by the success of our clients. We hope to develop a long term relationship with you, as your trusted IT solutions provider, as we have done with many other businesses.

We often serve as the first point of support for all computer-related matters. When you have questions, we are the resource you can call for honest advice. When problems occur, we affect speedy repair. When you have equipment or services provided by multiple vendors, we are able to localize any problem in order to avoid finger pointing and place the fault squarely at the foot of responsible parties.

Most businesses cannot operate without dependable computer systems, and you need someone dependable who can support your needs. For many of our clients, we become an extension of their company providing a level of technical response and competency otherwise unattainable.

We hope to earn your trust and build a long-term relationship, as we have done with dozens of other businesses in the area.

Give us the opportunity to demonstrate the level of service which has made us the trusted service provider for over two decades.

We work hard to keep your Mac (and other systems) very happy.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a visit.

We Know IT for Business

We know how to satisfy the IT needs for business

  • Installation and Configuration
  • OSX / UNIX server administration and setup
  • Email, File Sharing, Collaborative Services
  • Upgrades, Preventative Maintenance
  • Network Design, Wireless, Router Configuration
  • Mobile and Device Management
  • Secure Multi-location Networking, Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Domain Name and Web Hosting Management
  • Windows Integration, File Sharing, and Platform Migration
  • Backup and Disaster Planning
  • Workflow process automation
  • Support by phone, on-site, and remote systems monitoring and repair
  • Training
  • Solving your problems