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"HappyMac has been taking care of all of our IT needs for 6 years. They have always been very prompt and efficient on projects we have asked them to handle for us. Over the years, we have had needs that were not just as simple as buying software and installing and they have always been able to handle the job.  At times we have even had to call on them to help provide custom software. I am very pleased with how easy they are to work with. I know they are aware of the costs associated with each project and try their best to stay within budget. I feel like they are an extension of my company. I appreciate them and all they have done for our Company!"

"Ever since you guys did the Microsoft Office updates I haven't had that problem that was interrupting my work and decreasing productivity. Thank you again and, yes, I know I'm probably jinxing myself by writing this."

"Gentlemen: I just wanted to thank you so much for your prompt and expert service. I realize that we are one of those customers you hear from only once in a blue moon and then only because the house is on fire!! As a company right now, we are struggling; our sails are furled and we are riding out the storm ... And, thanks, for going that extra mile and emailing the link for the scanner, for looking at my machine, and for downloading the memory upgrade information."

"HappyMac helped us design and implement our network at our new office. They simplified our complicated corporate security needs, introduced us to the fantastic Cisco Meraki line of products, and made the entire project a success. We consider HappyMac our networking solutions provider of choice and a pivotal part of our 'success team'."

"Extremely pleased with Happy Mac!  Great attention and service - quick to respond and help resolve my problems.  Highly recommend - 5 stars all the way!"

"I have had internet connectivity and performance issues for three years in which I have hired three different IT/consultant/network companies to try to solve this problem. My business is the renting of office space that includes internet service to about 40 tenants, some use VOIP and also have WIFI in my 12,000 sq ft building. Frustrated, I started shopping for yet another company to provide IT support and solve my problem when I was referred to Christopher Gray of HappyMac. Not only has he solved my Internet issues, his solution was more affordable than the other company I was shopping. I now have a self managed and secure internet installation THAT WORKS! It is rare these days to find a company with the qualities of knowledge, configuration, support, and customer follow up. I highly recommend Christopher Gray and HappyMac. If you need additional information please feel free to call me. . . Scott Daley THE AVENUE office suites, (865) 803-4655"