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Apple Certified Macintosh Experts
Serving East Tennessee since 1994


Can you fix my Windows computer?

We specialize in support for the Apple Macintosh. We can help you migrate from Windows to Macintosh, fix your Parallels or VMware installation of 2000, XP Vista, and help with other platform integration tasks. If you are looking for repair of your Windows PC, we suggest you seek help from someone who specializes in Windows support.


Can I drop my computer off at your office for service?

We perform most of our work on-site. This is better as it allows us to ensure that your computer works on your network, with your printers, with your other systems, etc. Since we primarily work business-to-business, we only meet clients at our office by appointment only.


Do you perform hardware repair?

We perform component-level hardware repair. This means we can usually localize the problem to to a specific board, card, memory stick, or peripheral, then recommend the most cost-effective method to remedy.


Do you sell equipment?

No. We believe this creates a conflict of interest. When we recommend a product or service, you can rest assured that our advice is impartial and there are no commissions, kick backs or other incentives which may conflict with your best interests. With overnight delivery and proactive planning, there is little reason to maintain inventory. We work for you.