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Technical Advice

Assuming that your printer supports duplex printing, it is actually a bit tricky to get OS X to print in duplex mode by default.  If you activate duplex mode on your printer via the CUPS web interface (must be activated with the Terminal command "cupsctl WebInterface=yes"; accessed by pointing your web browser to it won't reflect in the OS X GUI.  This has to do with the fact that the PPD doesn't reflect changes made to CUPS settings via the web interface.

In order for the OS X GUI to reflect changes made in the CUPS settings we have to make use of the "lpadmin" Terminal command paired along with the "-p" and "-o" flags.  For example:  "lpadmin -p printer_name -o sides=two-sided-long-edge".  By doing it this way, we are altering the PPD that was placed in /etc/cups/ppd/ when the printer was installed.

So, to get a list of printers from CUPS via Terminal use the following command:  "lpstat -a"

Once you have a list of CUPS printer name(s) (in my case, "EPSON_WF_7520_Series") you can initiate the command to enable duplex printing:  "lpadmin -p EPSON_WF_7520_Series -o sides=two-sided-long-edge".

Now, when printing via the OS X GUI, you will see that duplex mode is selected by default.