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Server Configuration

Setting up a print queue on OSX server is pretty simple right out of the box. The hard part is getting client machines to be able to harness the power of Bonjour to do the autodiscovery of printer features and settings when they are talking to the server and not the printer itself. First you setup the printer on the server in System Preferences. If you don't want the printer itself to broadcast itself as an available printer, you'll have to configure the printer to disable Bonjour. Then setup the printer using IPP or LPR. You'll have to manually configure all the options in the print driver, so make sure you get all the info as far as installed RAM, paper trays, duplexing, etc

The using Server Admin, create the queue, but choose the option to share it via IPP.  Even though Server Admin doesn't tell you this, that is the only way to get client machines to discover the installed options on the printer. If you choose any of the other options (including LPR with Bonjour) it will not work and the client will have to manually configure the print queue on their computer themselves.

With the print queue being shared out via IPP and the Print server enabled, go to a client machine on the network and add a new printer. In the list of printers on the network you should then see "printqueue @ servername".  Click on that printer and the client machine will talk to the server to figure out what model the printer is etc and do everything for you.  It should look like this: