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Server Configuration

Running an OSX Server instance as a vrtual machine in vmWare has many advantages but also some pitfalls.

On OS X Server 10.94 Mavericks running as a virtual machine under vmWare Fusion 6.04, we started having mail services fail.

All Messages in Console, see many instance of:

9/8/14 11:12:13.462 AM vmsvc[117]: [ warning] [timeSync] Unable to synchronize time.

 mail-err.log :

Sep 05 11:18:19 imap: Error: Time just moved backwards by 2 seconds. I'll sleep now until we're back in present. http://wiki2.dovecot.org/TimeMovedBackwards
Sep 05 11:19:52 imap: Warning: Time jumped forwards 32 seconds
Sep 08 12:29:38 master: Warning: Time moved backwards by 19 seconds, waiting for 20 secs until new services are launched again.
Sep 08 12:29:38 log: Warning: Time moved backwards by 19 seconds.
Sep 08 12:29:38 config: Warning: Time moved backwards by 19 seconds.
Sep 08 12:29:38 auth: Warning: Time moved backwards by 19 seconds.
Sep 08 12:29:50 imap: Fatal: Time just moved backwards by 8 seconds. This might cause a lot of problems, so I'll just kill myself now. http://wiki2.dovecot.org/TimeMovedBackwards

If time moves backwards, Dovecot kills itself to prevent havoc.

This issue is unresolved.



sudo killall -9 ntpd

sudo ntpd


This could be related to vmWare time synchonization. See "Enabling time synchronization between the Mac and the Fusion virtual machine (1021718)".