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The end-of-year is approaching and the coming holidays are a great time to get prepared for next year. It's a good time to discuss your plans for 2009. If you have any 2008 capital expenditures remaining, now is a good time for us discuss your technical needs and how best to meet your goals.

The new MacBook Pro offers improved graphic performance and the all-new, smooth glass Multi-Touch trackpad, starting at $1999. Mac OSX Server software can allow your company to efficiently share files between OSX, Windows and UNIX, host your own email, web site, ftp site, DNS server, wiki server, iCal server and much more.

Improvements to your computer systems and software can save your business money by making your employees more productive and efficient. Consider us a technical resource to discuss how to best improve your use of technology.

The holidays are typically slower for most businesses, so it's a great opportunity to use this time for us to perform:

  • System tune-ups
  • Network improvements
  • Accounting system switchovers: is it time for MYOB?
  • Server migrations: are you ready to move from Windows to OSX Server?

New Capabilities Added in 2008

This last year has been a busy one. In 2008 HappyMac™ expanded it's support and service capabilities:

  • VOIP Phone System: Voice-over-IP phone systems can give your business a reliable, cost effective alternative to traditional phone systems, with a zillion more features including computer-based switchboard, voicemail over email, reduced costs to connect your multiple locations. In 2008, we deployed two Switchvox phone systems and saved our clients thousands of dollars. I'll be enhancing our web site with case studies and other information on how your business can benefit.
  • SugarCRM: Customer relationship management software is essential to coordinate your sales efforts. SugarCRM open-source edition offers a free alternative to salesforce.com (which costs ~$700 seat annually). It's hosted on your server via a web browser and gives your employees the tools to track sales leads, customer interactions, contact information and a whole lot more.

Outsource the Hard Parts of Web Development

We can supplement your business offerings with our technical know-how to deploy complex web applications. You provide the design and we provide the code.  In 2008, we expanded our offerings:

  • Joomla! is now in our web site development bag of tricks. This free, open-source content management system is extremely flexible and extensible, providing a framework which makes developing complex web sites trivial and excellent base for web applications.
  • added William Farmer to our staff as a web applications developer.

Looking Forward to 2009

  • Proactive network and server monitoring which can alert you (and us) of problems with your network, servers, or key applications as soon as they occur, speeding response and resolution times.
  • Expansion of our Macintosh support operations to provide more technical resources to respond to your critical needs.
  • Snow Leopard Server, the next major release of OS X Server software featuring group and shared calendars, address books, and enhanced collaboration.
  • RetrospectX, a huge upgrade to the quintessential OSX backup software.

Contact us to discuss how we can leverage technology to benefit your business.